Sienna Winster is a female Skinwalker.

Sienna Winster
Sienna Winster
Biographical Information
Born: Skinwalker
Phyisical Information
Species: Skinwalker
Gender: Female
Hair/Fur Color: Black-brown faintly tinted ginger
Eye Color: Pale-Yellow
Other Markings: None
Family Information
Family Members: Unknown
Loyalty: Neutral
Live Appearances: All
Dead Appearances: None

She is Roleplayed by SnapeFan1.

Sienna Winster
Sienna Winster – Skinwalker
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*narrows eyes silently, then vanishes into the shadows*


Sienna is a tall girl with long, black-brown hair, which is faintly tinted ginger at the edges. She has light skin, and pale-yellow eyes. When out in society, past the Forest of Fablehaven, Sienna wears a plaid red outfit and skirt with holy-cross markings.

Animal SkinsEdit

The animal skins she wears to transform during the night are these:

  • Wolf Skin
  • Fox Skin
  • Coyote Skin
  • Rabbit Skin


Sienna is a silent girl, who barely says a word to anyone she doesn't know well. However, if one dares to try to break through her silent barrier, she may, if at all, open up to them.


It is unknown where Sienna was born or to who; all that is known of her is that she lived all of her life in the Fablehaven forest, among other Skinwalkers in the darest part of the forest. She barely, if at all, spoke a word to those around her, giving most people the assumption that she was a mute (unable to speak). She evtnaully grew acustomed to wandering around the forest alone, steadily beginning to hunt and prey on wandering mortals or other unlucky creatures that tresspassed.


  • A Silver dagger


Sienna has basic Skinwalker powers; the ability to shapeshift into any animal she desires as long as she's wearing the animal's skin.


  • A special kind of salt